Christie Comments

"We need to start treating voters like adults"

"People of our state are not convinced that state government, county government, and local government have done all they can with the money we already give them ..."

"I'm not going to make any commitment to do anything for the teacher's unions until they do something that's not in their own self interest."

"Teachers don't dislike me. Teacher's unions dislike me."

"I'm not going to back off of what I promised to do. That's my covenant with the people of the state and if it means my poll numbers drop then that's the way it goes, and if it means in four years they want someone else to be  governor then that's the way it goes."

"What I'm doing is trying to change the pension system so that it's actually going to be there."

"The public sector has been shielded from this recession. People all across NJ have lost their jobs, if they've kept their jobs their paying more for their benefits, they're making less money, they've at least had their salaries frozen if not cut and had hours reduced and yet their property taxes continue to go up. Why? Because we've continued to give public sector workers 4 and 5% increases despite the fact that there is zero inflation."

"The property tax payers - the ones who have lost their jobs, the ones that have had their hours reduced, the ones that are paying more for their own health benefits, if they have them, they're the ones who are picking up the tab.

"Shared sacrifice is shared sacrifice. The public sector unions have been shielded from that, and it’s got to stop."

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