My Response to DDN

    It is hard to imagine that one person’s personal issues are news worthy.  As Americans, we need information on the national and local economy, national and local defense and other issues affecting our lives.  We all need more news and less gossip.

After over 30 years of a perfect  payment history we have found ourselves in a housing investment situation where the value of our home plummeted to or below our loan and at the end of our loan period the FDIC, that now owns our mortgage, does not have a financing formula that works for our home loan to home value.  Our mortgager went out of business, our mortgage then went to the FDIC. As we approached the end of our loan period we searched for another financial institution that would take over our mortgage to no avail. We are being forced into actions that we never imagined.  We are not unique in this financial situation and have immense empathy for our community’s financial crisis.

No amount of frugal spending changes a significant drop in real estate value or catastrophic financial events that has led our country into this recession.  Look around our communities.  Empty buildings where businesses once thrived and offered employment.  Empty homes where our neighbors once lived.

Declining property values, increased taxes, significantly reduced job market and the bankruptcies of banks and other large industries have produced an outcome that affects the majority in this country, with varying degrees of severity.  Only a fortunate minority have been insulated from these difficult economic times.

Our current financial position reinforces even more the need to be fiscally responsible with the taxpayers’ dollars and not overburdening families in our community.  I am resolved more than ever to push for the best in our education system while guarding the taxpayers’ dollars.

I am committed to working on the Springboro school board towards these goals. I believe in careful spending of the taxpayers dollars while maintaining the opportunity for an excellent education for our children.  This is where I stand, and that is all that is important to those that elected me to serve. 

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