Unfair Labor Allegations

   As a follow up, during our May 11, 2010 board meeting, representatives of the Springboro Education Association addressed this board and alledged that I had engaged in conversations with district employees about sensitive contract issues. I think that open communication among all members of the community and with employees is in the best interest of this district. It is disheartening that any employee should be discouraged from speaking with any member of the administration or member of this school board.

   I was aware from previous correspondence that the union did not want any unfiltered conversations between myself and our teachers. I did contact board president Craig Colston and asked for assistance from our board legal counsel if the union decided to follow through with their threatened complaint to the state employee relations board. In a demonstration of fiscal prudence, Mr. Colston decided that the possible complaint against me, as a "board member", did not meet any standard of viability and he decided that the district would not spend any of our limited resources on this matter. I appreciate his wisdom and thank him for his experience in dealing with these type issues.

   It has always been my opinion that I said nothing wrong or actionable, and did no harm to the board or our employees. I sense that Craig knew that as well.

   On May 25, I recieved a letter signed by the Springboro Education Association president stating that based on conversations with Mr.  Colston and in the interest of continued good faith, the union has declined to take any further action at this time. I want to again thank Craig Colston for his service and for putting this matter behind us so that we can move forward for the children of Springboro.

  Kelly Kohls, Jun 14, 2010

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