Crisis of Confidence

Hello Springboro Community,
My name is Kelly Kohls,  and I am a mother of five students in the Springboro School district.  I have become increasingly concerned about the direction in which our school district has been headed; therefore, I have decided to run for the Springboro Community City School Board.  Despite the fact that our school district is excellent (and we have come to expect nothing less than excellence), I believe that the current course the school board is on is counterproductive, anti-community, and does not benefit our students’ education.  We are fortunate to live in a community that is comprised of a well educated, involved, and giving population, and rebuilding our community cohesiveness will be a priority of mine.

The fact is, our school district is not in a financial emergency now (budget concerns are projected to begin only in 2012!)  I do not understand why the district has chosen to pursue repeated levy votes prior to actual need, but the result is that the community is experiencing “levy fatigue.”  Some may say the school board is being proactive. I say their scare tactics are effectively ramming the levies down the public’s throat.  As a result, this has created a Crisis of Confidence.  I will not support a doomed fifth levy vote in May and possibly thereafter until a variety of conditions change, scare tactics and ultimatums are discontinued, and there is complete disclosure to the questions and concerns of the community. I want to be a catalyst on the board to ensure our Crisis of Confidence is resolved and we continue our tradition of excellence in education.  

Last year in a debate, both presidential candidates agreed on this one topic:  Quality of education is not dependent on income.  They both stated that there is no correlation between how much money the school has and the students’ academic success.  There are many examples of that in this area.  Does our school district really need the money to continue the excellent education that this community provides?   We all want to know.  So far, the community has said no.  My instincts, my education background, and my vested interest as a parent will assist me in getting to the answers.
Nothing less than an excellent education will do.  My children and the children of this stellar community deserve it.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Kelly Kohls

Please vote on November 3.

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