Objectives & Foci

Top Five Objectives:

a.  Improve Communication

b.  Restore and Maintain Busing

c.  Measurement and Maintenance of Effective Teaching

d.  Repair Community Confidence 

e.  Thorough Review of all School Policies

Strategy for Implementing These Objectives:

With growing fiscal concerns, the Springboro School District must be vigilant about effective communication, community confidence, teaching effectiveness, and quality administrative management.  This can be done by :

1.  Make a policy to announce school district issues of community interest, leaving ample time for community feedback. Take community input under advisement.

2.  Being pro-active and maintaining a working partnership with parents, community, and local government, 

3.  Re-affirm board policy prohibiting retaliation by school employees against faculty, staff, kids and parents for criticism of their conduct.

4.  School district oversight by scrutinizing board members, who question the status quo.

5.  Reviewing administrative policies for value and those that attempt to take over the role of the parent.

6.  Measuring and maintaining effective teaching using tools developed and released by the Ohio Board of Education.

Primary Foci

1.  Community, staff, faculty, and parent communication techniques.

2.  Busing as a source of cuts.

3.  Enforcing a policy of disciplinary action where retaliation occurs up to and including termination.

4.  College preparation.

5.  Curriculum and effective teaching monitoring.

6.  No tolerance for unprofessional behavior.

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