OSBA Membership

Ohio School Board Association Membership

The OSBA is a professional membership organization.

There are no guidelines or rules required for membership in OSBA other than paying the membership dues.

Our district also belongs to BASA and OASBO.  BASA and OASBO are two other professional organizations offering the same services as does OSBA so many of the services are a duplicate.  As our Superintendent and Treasurer get legislative updates and any information they feel the board should know about they will forward it to us.

OSBA has charges for services that we can still access as we feel they are necessary still at an extra charge.  My intent is to save money where we have a duplicate of services.  Last year we spent a total of approximately $20,000 for services such as Capitol Conference, new board member workshop and a superintendent search.  None of these services are necessary this year and if we do need them we can still buy them.  I simply want to save money if I can do a little more homework on my own and spend this money on textbooks or something for the kids and education.  I have dedicated myself to finding and searching the ORC codes when I need them which was the only service I got from OSBA for $5,500. 

Our new Statistics text book for a whole class was only $7,000.  As you can see, books, supplies and materials are more important to me than this duplicate of services and membership fee.  It will take me a few moments more to search the law myself but I will be comforted by spending the money on the kids.  We all have to do our part.  We are constantly looking at where we can contribute, this was an easy one for me.

Kelly Kohls

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